Bungee Road

Bungee Road

Bungee Road first appeared in the Kansas City Qualifying Round of American Ninja Warrior 7. It consists of a mini trampoline, four sets of stretching ropes, and an angled suspended log. Competitors use the mini trampoline to reach the first set of ropes and use their hands to traverse through the ropes until they reach the log. Competitors must only use their hands to transfer to the log. Once the competitor is on the log they must slide down it to reach the landing mat. Using legs on this obstacle will result in disqualification.

In finals the number of bungee sets was decreased to three and each set was moved farther apart.

Bungee Road later appeared in American Ninja Warrior 8 as the 8th obstacle of the Oklahoma City finals. Unlike in American Ninja Warrior 7, the log was laid horizontally, making it tougher for competitors to grip onto. In addition, there were only five cords, with one cord missing in the middle, thus competitors could not get away completely with the "using seperate hands" trick like last season. A total of 4 competitors fell on it (Andrew Lowes, Brent Steffensen, James Wyatt and Reid Pletcher), but this was due to the fact many other athletes fell on the front half of the finals course. Consequently, every competitor that fell on Bungee Road advanced to the finals. A similar obstacle known as the Pipe Fitter appeared in the Atlanta course, but only without bungee cords and only the log part of the obstacle.

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