Brittany Reid is an Insurance Agent from CO

American Ninja Warrior 8

Reid competed in the Atlanta qualifiers of American Ninja Warrior 8. She made it the farthest out of any woman in the region, failing the Pipe Fitter. She was also the tallest woman to compete in Atlanta, standing at 5'9".

Reid was then selected as a wildcard to compete in Vegas. On Stage 1, she made it through Snake Run with ease, but soon failed the Propeller Bar when she didn't get a good enough jump off the trampoline and only got one hand on the bar.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Brittany returned to compete in Kansas City in American Ninja Warrior 9. She fell on Crank It Up and her time was too slow to stay in the women's top 5.

ANW # Result Notes
8 Failed Propeller Bar (First Stage) Qualified as Wildcard.