Brian Arnold is a maintenance director who has competed in four American Ninja Warrior tournaments. In American Ninja Warrior 4, he completed the Mid-South regional tournament, but in the Second Stage, he failed the Balance Tank. In American Ninja Warrior 5, Arnold advanced to the Vegas Finals, completing the first two stages, besting the Balance Tank, then going on to be the only competitor that day to defeat the Floating Boards, but failed the Ultimate Cliffhanger due to the fact that a ledge broke off. Arnold was granted a second attempt, and this first attempt was cut from the broadcast. On his second attempt, Arnold went on to complete the Ultimate Cliffhanger and made history as the first American to complete the Hang Climbing and the Spider Flip. Arnold failed the Flying Bar, however, due to mislanding the fourth rung.

On the USA vs. Japan special, he beat Matachi Ryo in the first Second Stage match upon defeating the Double Salmon Ladder, the obstacle Ryo fell on. In the third stage, he was again matched up with Matachi falling at the exact same spot Matachi fell on; the 2nd jump on the Flying Bar. Because he was a second late, he lost the match.

In American Ninja Warrior 6, he finished the final obstacle with 20 seconds remaining, but waited until he only had 1.5 seconds left before hitting the buzzer. His strategy was so he could run early on Stage 2 in order to allow for more time to rest for Stage 3 (bearing in mind that in this tournament the order of Stage 2 runs was determined by slowest Stage 1 performance going first), however this backfired as the first obstacle was a new obstacle that he had never seen before, the Rope Jungle, and only saw JJ Woods struggle on this obstacle before attempting it himself. He spent more than 30 seconds on the obstacle, causing him to tire before the Double Salmon Ladder, where he struggled, and by the time he reached the Unstable Bridge he was exhausted and couldn't make the jump between boards, ultimately failing there. The rest of the Wolf Pack, who had all finished Stage 1, all failed Stage 2. He stated in a post run interview that he regretted his Stage 1 strategy.

He later redeemed himself by passing the Second Stage in the USA vs. The World competition, though not in the original 125-second time allowed in the regular season. In the final heat of regulation, he forced a Tiebreaker-Final Stage by defeating his nemesis, the Flying Bar. In doing so, Arnold completed the Third Stage, becoming only the first American to do so in the history of American Ninja Warrior.

He came back in American Ninja Warrior 7 and placed 31st in Kansas City out of the 38 finishers. The rest of the wolf pack (Noah Kaufman, MD, Ian Dory and Isaac Caldiero) also finished as well. In the city finals, his run was digested, but he surprisingly went out on the Body Prop. This was his first time failing on a finals course.Like many that night he still ended up placing 12th and was able to move on to Vegas for the 4th time. Ian Dory was the only member of the wolf pack to complete the Body Prop, and finish the course. On Stage 1 he blazed through the course with a time 22.85 left, but almost slipped on the Jumping Spider. Learning his lesson from last season Brian pressed the buzzer immediately. On Stage 2, he got past the first four obstacles, but on the new Roulette Row, he wasn't able to reach the second cycle and fell in the water. He later stated in a post-run interview that he will no longer be training full time due to his failure in the past two seasons.

Brian returned in American Ninja Warrior 8 completed the Indianapolis Qualifying course placing 5th in the top 30. He was one of four competitors that completed the city finals course, placing 3rd overall. In Vegas he completed Stage 1 with 14.10 seconds left, But on Stage 2, he was one of four competitors that failed the Double Wedge.

SASUKE # Result Notes
ANW4 86 Failed Balance Tank (Second Stage)
ANW5 69 Failed Flying Bar (Third Stage) Third jump/fourth rung. Second Attempt.
ANW6 71 Failed Unstable Bridge (Second Stage) Failed Transition to second board. Also, lost lots of time on the Rope Jungle.
ANW7 Failed Roulette Row (Second Stage)
ANW8 Failed Double Wedge (Second Stage)

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