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Brandon Mears is a firefighter from Chicago, Illinois. Mears works with firefighter/competitor Dan Polizzi, who together have created a duo known as the "Towers of Power".

Brandon Mears first competed in ANW 5, where he completed the qualifying course. In the semi-finals, he failed the Salmon Ladder, not moving on to Vegas.

He returned in ANW 7, where he completed the qualifying course again. In the semi-finals, he failed the Body Prop, but still advanced to Vegas. In Vegas, he became the tallest competitor (6'5'') to ever clear Stage 1. However in Stage 2, he failed the Unstable Bridge.

In ANW 8, Mears completed the qualifying course for the third time in a row. In the City finals he shockingly failed the Salmon Ladder, just like in ANW 5, once not moving on to Vegas. He placed 17th overall.

Mears returned in ANW 9, with major news that his wife, Erika, is pregnant with his first child. It is also worth noting that Mears has formed a group known as the "Windy City Warriors", with Dan Polizzi, Ethan Swanson, and Tyler Yamaguchi, who all live in the same city. Mears dominated the qualifying course with the second fastest time. However, he failed to make it to Vegas for the second consecutive year when he fell on the third obstacle, the Broken Pipes. Even worse, Dan Polizzi and Ethan Swanson both fell there as well, with Tyler Yamauchi being the only "Windy City Warrior" to clear the Broken Pipes and eventually move on to Vegas.

In ANW 10 He returned to compete in Indianapolis. However he shockingly failed on the Block Run, making it the first time that he didn't complete a qualifying course and he didn't make the top 30.