Brain Panic

First Round of Brain Panic

Brain Panic

This event requires competitors to remember a series of numbers in the allotted time, then recall those numbers by writing them down. These numbers are between zero through nine and placed at random. There can be more than one digit in the sequence. This event is split into three rounds.

In round one, nine contestants have three seconds to remember a sequence of nine numbers. Those who miss at least one digit in the sequence are eliminated and the rest move on to round two. In round two, the surviving competitors have five seconds to remember twelve digits. As in round one, those who miss one digit in the sequence are out. In the final round, the survivors must remember fifteen digits in seven seconds. Those who succeed wins 200,000 yen (about $2,449.63).

There is one known victory in this event, Tsukamoto Suruyu.

This event was recycled for VIKING's Brain Ship Stage.

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