The Bouncing Spider is a new obstacle which debuted on American Ninja Warrior 9 on the Denver Qualifying course. Competitors have to jump to a springboard and prop themselves between two plexiglass, similar to the Jumping Spider and make a transition to another pair of plexiglass which are a few inches away from the first. Then, they must jump to an 8 ft drop to a trampoline and must grab to one of the two big suspended pipes with a small pipe suspended in front of them and swing up to the platform.

This obstacle eliminated many competitors. A total of 27 failed it, including notable competitors like Jake Murray, Noah Kaufman and Jon Stewart. Most of the competitors failed the landing on the trampoline, to where they mainly weren't able to get an effective bounce to grasp the pipes. Some competitors additionally grabbed just the smaller pipe, which didn't grant them much to grab on.


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