Boot Camp has been the place that the top 15 qualifiers goto so they can trim down to only 10 americans to head to Japan to challenge the grueling obstacle course. There are 3 teams. Blue Monkeys, White Tigers and the Red Dragons. With each team getting 5 people on each team. The 3 people with the fastest time get to be team captains and select 4 other people school-yard style.

Boot Camp in American Ninja Warrior 2

Travis Furlanic got the fastest time and was the captain for the Red Dragons.

Levi Meeuwenberg got the second fastest time and was the captain for the White Tigers.

Adam Truesdell got the third fastest time and was the captain for the Blue Monkeys.

This is the order the competitors were selected in.

Red Dragons select David Campbell

White Tigers select Adam Laplante

Blue Monkeys select Patrick Cusic

Red Dragons select Thomas Hall

White Tigers select Rich King

Blue Monkeys select Brian Orosco

Red Dragons select Brent Steffensen

White Tigers select Ryan Cousins

Blue Monkeys select Evan "The Rocket" Dollard

Red Dragons final selection is Paul Kasemir

White Tigers final selection is Shane Daniels

Blue Monkeys final selection is Dorian Cedars

So the final teams look like

Red Dragons

Red Dragons like climbing. Okay.. that was cheesy.

Red Dragons : Travis Furlanic (Cpt.)

David Campbell

Thomas Hall

Brent Steffensen

Paul Kasemir

White Tigers

The uniform for the white tigers

White Tigers : Levi Meeuwenberg (Cpt.)

Adam Laplante

Rich King

Ryan Cousins

Shane Daniels

Blue Monkeys

The Blue Monkeys' Adam Truesdell(Cpt.) Patrick Cusic and Brian Orosco

Blue Monkeys : Adam Truesdell (Cpt.)

Patrick Cusic

Brian Orosco

Evan Dollard

Dorian Cedars


Warped Wall


Slider Jump

Balance Tank

Double Salmon Ladder

Circle Slider

Floating Boards

Week 1

Pressure Challenge: Jungle Ropes

Competitors must work their way across 6 ropes and cross the finish line. If you touch the ground, your out. Whoever got the slowest time faced punishment for the hole time.

The Red Dragons choose David Campbell

The White Tigers choose Richard King

The Blue Monkeys choose Dorian Cedars

In the end, the Red Dragons faced elimination. They had to collect water for all 3 teams and bring it to the training grounds.

Team Relay: Cliffhanger and Warped Wall

Competitors must go to the Cliffhanger and work their way across six ledges. If they fall, it's a 1 minute penalty. Then they must

Although since they need to trim down to 10, people have to be eliminated, and that is found by the worst team of the challenge have to send in 2 warriors and they have to scale the heavenly ropes against each other and whoever doesn't reach the top and ring the bell before his opponent/partner does. And the 5 ninja's who didn't make it to Japan were:

Red Dragons:

Thomas Hall(Defeated by Travis Furlanic)

White Tigers:

Adam Laplante(Who replaced Levi after his injury)

Ryan Cousins(Defeated by Adam Laplante)

Levi Meeuwenberg(Who got injured and Adam Laplante took his spot)

Blue Monkeys:

Dorian Cedars(Defeated by Patrick Cusic)

{C}So when 5 out of 15 people are gone, only ten people get to get there colors, and they were,(In order)

1. Brent Steffensen

2. Travis Furlanic

3. David Campbell

4. Paul Kasemir

5. Shane Daniels

6. Levi Meeuwenberg

6-Alt. Adam Laplante

7. Brian Orosco

8. Patrick Cusic

9. Adam Truesdell

10. Evan "The Rocket" Dollard

To see the results, see SASUKE 26

American Ninja Warrior 3

In season 3 Mike "Frosti" Zernow injured himself in Jump City: Seattle and Jake Smith took his place.

Ryan Stratis got the fastest time in qualifying and was the captain of the Red Dragons

Chris Wilczewski got the second fastest time in qualifying and was the captain of the White Tigers

Paul Kasemir got the third fastest time in qualifying and was the captain of the Blue Monkeys

And here is the order of team selection

Red Dragons select David Campbell

White Tigers select Brent Steffensen

Blue Monkeys select Travis Furlanic

Red Dragons select Travis Rosen

White Tigers select Brian Orosco

Blue Monkeys select Jake Smith

Red Dragons select James McGrath

White Tigers select Drew Drecshel

Blue Monkeys select Brandon Douglass

Red Dragons' final selection is Alan Connealy

White Tigers' final selection is David "Flip" Rodriguez

Blue Monkeys' final selection is Dustin Rocho

And then.... the elimination stage comes along, and here are the five eliminated in order.

1. Dustin Rocho(Blue Monkeys)

2. Chris Wilczewski(White Tigers)

3. Brandon Douglass(Blue Monkeys)

4. Alan Connealy(Red Dragons)

5. Brian Orosco(White Tigers)

Then comes the 10 competitors who will move on, they recieved American Flag bandanas. In Order

1. Paul Kasemir

2. Travis Furlanic

3. Jake Smith

4. James McGrath

5. Ryan Stratis

6. David Campbell

7. Brent Steffensen

8. David "Flip" Rodriguez

9. Travis Rosen

10. Drew Drechsel

To see the results, see SASUKE 27

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