ANW7 Big Dipper

American Ninja Warrior 7's Big Dipper in Kansas City

The Big Dipper is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the second obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 7 in Kansas City.

It consisted of a metal pipe on a track and rope ladder. Competitors held on to the pipe and slid down the track, and timed their release in order to grab the rope ladder and pulled themselves onto the mat. Some competitors who didn't time their release right, did not go far enough to reach the rope ladder.

The Big Dipper was considered to be a modified version of the Downhill Pipe Drop from American Ninja Warrior 6 in Miami.

This obstacle took out 42 competitors during Kansas City qualifiers, including several female competitors like Amy Pajcic, Laura Kisana, and Kirsti Pratt. During Kansas City finals, it took out Meagan Martin.

ANW8 Big Dipper

American Ninja Warrior 8's Big Dipper in Atlanta

The Big Dipper made its second appearance on American Ninja Warrior 8 in Atlanta, once again as the second obstacle. Similar to the previous season, this obstacle took out many competitors, including Shaun Murray and most shockingly, JJ Woods.

As it wasn't difficult enough, this obstacle was modified during Atlanta finals, where the cargo net was removed, requiring competitors to fly across it without hesitation. The track was also made a foot longer. It took out a total of 4 out of 30 competitors, notably fan favorites like Kenneth Niemitalo and Caleb Watson.

Double Dipper

ANW9 Double Dipper

American Ninja Warrior 9's Double Dipper in Stage One

Similar to The Wedge, the Big Dipper has a doubled variant and appeared as the third obstacle in Stage One on American Ninja Warrior 9, where it is known as the Double Dipper, replacing the Giant Log Grip from the previous season.

This iteration of Big Dipper worked similarly to its single set counterpart, but competitors will have to make a transition to a second bar at the end of the first one. Also, the first track and the bars are much longer.

The Double Dipper retained the difficulty of its original incarnation within the past two seasons, taking out multiple competitors like Lorin Ball, Maggi Thorne, Kacy Catanzaro, and Dan Yager. Some have failed it the traditional way, by not keeping the bar even, but some also failed the transition between bars as well. 18 competitors fell on this obstacle.

Even though this obstacle is a modified version of the Big Dipper, it was revealed that the Double Dipper was one of the eight obstacles that won the American Ninja Warrior: Obstacle Design Challenge, and was designed by Hannah W.

Other Appearances

On Ninja Warrior UK 3, the Big Dipper appeared twice during the season.

NWUK3 Big Dipper

Ninja Warrior UK 3's Big Dipper

  • Firstly, as the seventh obstacle during the semi-finals. However, unlike on American Ninja Warrior, the cargo net was replaced with the Fly Wheels' third wheel (the pendulum wheel).
    • Therefore, competitors must time their release from the bar to grab the pendulum wheel, and then built enough swing and momentum to make the dismount to the landing platform.
    • This version of the Big Dipper was proven to be easier, as among the 27 competitors who attempted the obstacle, only 3 of them failed to complete it.
NWUK3 Big Dipper with Tassels

Ninja Warrior UK 3's Big Dipper with Tassels

  • Secondly, as the seventh obstacle during the finals' Stage 1, and was called as the Big Dipper with Tassels. This time, at the end of the curved track, there was a resting bar as an intermediary to help competitors traversed 7 bungee cords (similar as the one used in the Bungee Road), and then used their feet to reach a dancing stone, as an intermediary to the next obstacle, the Three Logs.
    • This version of the Big Dipper was proven to be much easier, as no competitor failed on this obstacle (although several competitors showed struggles while traversing the bungee cords).
    • During the broadcast, both the Big Dipper with Tassels and Three Logs were referred as the "Kammy's Corner of Chaos" (named after Christopher 'Kammy' Kamara, the co-host of Ninja Warrior UK).
-30- Big Dipper

Australian Ninja Warrior's Big Dipper

On Australian Ninja Warrior, the Big Dipper appeared as the second obstacle in Stage One, with the cargo net was replaced with a rope placed vertically at the end of the track.