ANW9 Bateering Ram

American Ninja Warrior 9's Battering Ram in Los Angeles

The Battering Ram is an obstacle, firstly introduced on American Ninja Warrior 9 as the fifth obstacle in Los Angeles.

  • Competitors must wrap their hands around a small red cylinder,
  • Then the must kip their way across the first steel pipe, shaped similarly to the Swinging Frames.
  • Then, they must make the first transition to the next cylinder, which was higher and larger than the previous, and kip their way across the second steel pipe.
  • After that, they must make a second transition to the third and final cylinder, which was smaller than the previous two, off to the side, and more loosely secured, and then kip their way to the dismount.

Since there was nothing to hold down the cylinders, they would spin out if the competitors lost their grip. This made the transitions especially challenging, as competitors like David Campbell, Alan Connealy, and Natalie Duran were eliminated by this obstacle. 19 competitors in total failed on this obstacle during Los Angeles qualifiers. However, the Battering Ram has the highest number of completion (25 competitors completed this obstacle), compared with any other fifth obstacle during American Ninja Warrior 9's city qualifiers round.

CNW Battering Ram

The Battering Ram during Celebrity Ninja Warrior: Red Nose Day

The Battering Ram was attempted early during Red Nose Day, with the difference was there were only two small red cylinders and steel pipes. Only Erika Christensen, Derek Hough, Ashton Eaton, and Stephen Amell attempted it, and all of them completed it. However, Erika Chstensen completed it by using the pipes (not the cylinders), while the other three completed it by using the proper way.


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