Barclay Stockett is a gymnastics coach from Dayton, Texas.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 8

She first competed in American Ninja Warrior 8 in Oklahoma City and like many other competitors that night, she failed the Log Runner. She still traveled to Vegas to cheer on fellow competitor Thomas Stillings.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Barclay stockett anw

Barclay attempting the Hourglass Drop in the San Antonio city finals.

In her second appearance, Barclay competed in the San Antonio qualifiers. In qualifying, she winded up failing the last transition on the Pipe Fitter but she had the top spot in the women's top 5 plus she grabbed the final spot in the top 30. In the city finals, Barclay got her revenge on the Pipe Fitter and became the shortest athlete to scale the 14 1/2 ft. Warped Wall. On the back half of the course, Barclay cleared the Salmon Ladder, but she winded up failing the Hourglass Drop, after getting landing too far forward on the mini-tramp. However, she got dog piled on the sidelines by her fans and even though she got 24th place, she did get the top spot in the women's top 2 and advanced to the national finals in Las Vegas. On the first stage, Barclay put up an impressive run making history as the shortest athlete to conquer the Jumping Spider and the shortest athlete to scale the Warped Wall in Vegas. Unfortunately, she timed out on the course just after she cleared the Domino Pipes.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Barclay returned in the Dallas Qualifiers for her third appearance. She was expecting to make history like Kacy Catanzaro did in Dallas four years ago, but a misstep on the Tuning Forks ended her run. After being shown very disappointed in her post-run interview, she still placed 3rd among the women competitors and advanced to the city finals.
Barclay Stockett at the San Antonio City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2017

Barclay Stockett at the San Antonio City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2017

ANW # Result Notes
ANW 9 Falied Flying Squirrel (First Stage) Timed out before attempting the obstacle

Team Ninja Competitions

Team Ninja Warrior 2

Barclay was originally introduced to Ninja Warrior viewers when she was recruited for Daniel Gil's team, Iron Grip, on season 2 of Team Ninja Warrior. In her first race on episode 4, she put up an entertaining performance. Unfortunately, she lost to Michelle Warnky of the Lab Rats after missing her first attempt on the Warped Wall.

After losing Round 1, Iron Grip got put on the loser bracket in Round 2, going up against Phoenix Force. Captain Gil made a huge gamble and put Stockett in the Anchor Run against Cassie Craig. With the team on her shoulders, Barclay clinched the 2 points after Cassie fell on the swing into Cargo Net and then got her revenge on the Warped Wall, hitting the buzzer and advancing Iron Grip to the relay showdown. Iron Grip got their revenge on Lab Rats, and they advanced to the finals.