The Backstream (バックストリーム) is an obstacle introduced in the Second Stage with the course redesign in SASUKE RISING. This is the first obstacle in SASUKE that allows the competitors to touch the water to progress, as usually, touching the water in any fashion results in disqualification. The obstacle is a large swimming tank, which the competitors must swim the length of 10m, to a ladder to move on to the next obstacle. There are also a series of jets towards the end of the obstacle, designed to disrupt their progress to the ladder. Although all competitors to attempt the obstacle cleared it in SASUKE 28, it helped slow down Matachi Ryo enough to time out at the Passing Wall. Because of this obstacle, at the Second Stage's starting line, every competitors who advanced to the Second Stage must wear a swimming goggles on their head, and used it while reaching this obstacle.

In SASUKE 29 the jets were more powerful resulting in the biggest pressure on the opponents. The jets were later reduced after Hashimoto Koji's run and increased after Takahashi Kenji's run. However, the obstacle was still deadly as 11 out of the 21 who attempted the Second Stage failed there, including 5 former finalists (Okuyama Yoshiyuki, Hashimoto Koji, Urushihara Yuuji, Matachi Ryo and Yamamoto Shingo), while it slowed a further two finalists (Lee En-Chih and Nagasaki Shunsuke) to the point where they timed out on the Passing Wall.

In SASUKE 30 the jets were reduced and as a result less people failed there, however it did cause Yamamoto Shingo to swim to the side of the pool as a result of inhaling some water and it also slowed Urushihara Yuuji and Morimoto Yūsuke to time out on the Wall Lifting.

In SASUKE 32, the length of the obstacle has reduced from 10m to 9m.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
28 4 4 100%
29 6 17 36.30%
30 13 16 81.25%
31 10 11 90.90%
32 8 8 100%
33 7 7 100%
34 13 16 81.25%
Total 61 79 77.21%

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