The Atlanta Qualifying Round episode of American Ninja Warrior aired on June 8, 2016. This is the second episode of American Ninja Warrior 8 and took place at the Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia. The episode was hosted by Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. Kristine Leahy co-hosted as the sideline reporter. This episode included veteran competitors like Drew Drechsel, Neil Craver,Travis Rosen,James McGrath, Jo Jo Bynum and Jared Woods.


  1. Floating Steps
  2. Big Dipper
  3. Block Run
  4. Spin Cycle
  5. Pipe Fitter
  6. Warped Wall


The Atlanta Qualifying Round concluded with 27 finishers. Gym owner Drew Drechsel, a member for Team USA in the second USA vs the World competition last year after the season finale where he failed the Hang Climb on Stage Three, earned the "POM Wonderful Run of the Night" for having the fastest time at 01:19.44. Other finishers included Neil Craver, Travis Rosen, Mike Chick, James McGrath and Caleb Watson (who had the second fastest time).

Shocking falls included Gallagher, JJ Woods, Brittany Reid (who made it farther than any female on the qualifying course where she failed on the Pipe Fitter obstacle) and Spencer Wyckoff (in which her wife was sick before he ran on the course).

The last episode that had shocking falls was during last season's Kansas City Finals which included Meagan Martin (competing in Indianapolis), Noah Kaufman, Jon Stewart (competing in Oklahoma City) and Michael Stanger (competing in Indianapolis). All of the competitors there had to complete the Body Prop or complete the Flying Shelf Grab and fail the Body Prop in a faster time.

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