Asami Sayaka (浅見 清香) is a former KUNOICHI All Star who competed in KUNOICHI three times.


Sayaka has been a dancer all of her life. She began dancing at a very young age, as she grew up, she spent a fair amount of time in Japanese dance shows. She appeared on NHK a few times, and appeared in dance shows such as "Joy Police","What Up", "Soulweed", and "One's to Watch". In addition to this string of dance programs, she also appeared in commercials for Toyota, Honda, and Subaru. When Asami first started competing in KUNOICHI she was part of the Dance Troupe, "DITA" (Pronounced DIG).

After making it all the way to the Third Stage in KUNOICHI 3, she received an offer to become the Woman's Muscle Musical Leader. She would hold this title until she left the Muscle Musical, giving it to Komiya Rie. In early 2008, she and some other Muscle Musical members, including Haga Kayo, Miyake Ayako, and Teru broke away from the Muscle Musical to join the Nakamura Japan Dramatic Company another dancing troupe being run by one of the former Muscle Musical producers. She remains in this troupe today, and is one of the female leaders of the troupe.


Sayaka is one of the most consistent competitor in KUNOICHI history. She only appeared in three tournaments; however she had the same result every time. In each tournament she cleared the First and Second Stage with ease, and oftentimes did the best of all the competitors in those stages; however once she reached the Third Stage, things changed. Asami would always reach the dreaded Torentta and fail it at the beginning of the Red Zone. In all three tournaments, she fell in exactly the same place and exactly in the same way.

Her multiple appearances in the Third Stage made her the Takeda Toshihiro of KUNOICHI, and despite her prowess as a competitor, she has still never reached the elusive Final Stage.


KUNOICHI # Result Notes
3 78 Torentta (Third Stage) Red Zone (29th Domino)
4 95 Torentta (Third Stage) Red Zone (29th Domino)
5 95 Torentta (Third Stage) Red Zone (29th Domino)