Arimatsu Tomomi (有松 知美) is a Muscle Musical Member, who's competed on SASUKE twice, and KUNOICHI once. She and Komiya Rie, usually perform equally.


She debuted in SASUKE 23 wearing #36, but was digested, but like fellow Muscle Musical Member Komiya Rie, she made it to the Half-Pipe Attack only to slip from the rope and fail.

She returned in SASUKE 24 wearing #33 and when she attempted the Log Grip, she slipped about at the same point as Komiya did.


In KUNOICHI 8 she was able to dismount the Burancho easily, and she grabbed a red flag in just 72 seconds, advancing to the Second Stage. Her training paid off in the Second Stage, and she cleared easily. She was able to fly through the Third Stage and clear. In the Final Stage she managed to clear with 5.99 seconds, however she did not achieve Kanzenseiha, because half-way up the Survival Climb, she grasped the back of the board resulting in disqualification.



SASUKE # Result Notes
23 36 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage) Digest.
24 33 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)


KUNOICHI # Result Notes
8 Failed Climbing Board (Final Stage) Disqualified. She reached the top, but coursed out by grabbing the edge of the second wall.

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