Andrew Lowes is a gymnast from Winthrop Harbor, Illinois. In his rookie season, American Ninja Warrior 4, he completed the Midwest Qualifying Course, but in the Midwest Finals, failed on the 8th obstacle, the Lamp Grasper. However, his performance was still good enough to make the top 15 and make it to Las Vegas. There, Lowes completed the first 6 obstacles but failed at the Spin Bridge. He started training by running over many different spinning objects back in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he lived at the time.

In American Ninja Warrior 5, he completed the Baltimore Qualifying Course and Finals Course to advance to Mt. Midoriyama for the second time. In Las Vegas, he got revenge on the Spin Bridge, but he timed out on the top of the Rope Ladder pressing the button 3/10 of a second too late.

In American Ninja Warrior 6, he competed in the St. Louis Qualifying Course. There, he cleared the course and placed 22nd place. In the Finals Course, he cleared the first 7 obstacles but went out on the Rumbling Dice. Luckily that was still enough to make it back to Vegas again. In the finals, he completed Stage 1 this time, but in the Second stage, he failed the Metal Spin.

In American Ninja Warrior 7, he competed in the Houston Qualifiers. His qualifying run was all cut but it showed that he completed the course. However, on the City Finals course, he shockingly failed on the Swinging Spikes, when his foot hit the water on the dismount, making this the first time he didn't move on to Vegas.

In American Ninja Warrior 8, he competed on the Oklahoma City course. His runs were all digest, but he cleared the Qualifying course placing 15th and even took a selfie at the buzzer. In the Finals, he failed on Bungee Road but placed 9th and made his fourth trip to Vegas. On the First Stage, he had made it past both the Propeller Bar and Giant Log Grip, that had taken out a fair amount of top competitors, along with the Jumping Spider, but he surprisingly failed the Sonic Curve.

Lowes competed for his sixth season in American Ninja Warrior 9 in San Antonio. His qualifying run was cut, but he completed the course in about 3:10.98, placing 10th. in the city finals, he failed Spinball Wizard but placed 6th and moved on to the national finals. In the national finals, Lowes' run was completely cut, but it was shown that he got past the tougher version of Sonic Curve, Parkour Run, and finished with 6.68 seconds to spare. But on Stage 2 he was one of many to fail Wingnut Alley.

ANW Result Notes
4 Failed Spin Bridge (First Stage)
5 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) hit the button 3/10 of a second late
6 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage)
8 Failed Sonic Curve (First Stage) Digest
9 Failed Wingnut Alley (Second Stage)

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