Amos Rendao
Amos Rendao
is a parkour instructor who competed in American Ninja Warrior 3 and he beat the qualifying round in 1:00.66, but fell on the Jumping Bars in the semi-finals.

In American Ninja Warrior 4, Rendao made it to the Soritatsu Kabe, but could not scale the wall, however his time past the Wall Lifting was enough to place 23rd in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals Rendao started fast, but he tripped on the Bungee Bridge, fell violently on the bungees and touched the mat.

In American Ninja Warrior 5, Rendao managed to beat the Denver Qualifier in 55 seconds flat, however in the finals he failed the Salmon Ladder, when he tried to go too fast and lost his grip after getting to the second rung successfully, although he did impress everybody when he became the first person to complete the quintuple steps blindfolded. 

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