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American Ninja Warrior

The popularity of the American Ninja Challenge has led G4 to create an licenced version of SASUKE, from series distributor Tokyo Broadcasting System titled American Ninja Warrior, with all contestants from the United States and all play-by-play commentary in English. As of early August, 2009, the competition has been decided. The competition was filmed from Saturday, August 29th, 2009, through Tuesday, September 1st, 2009. For a list on the obstacles seen in American Ninja Warrior see List Of American Ninja Warrior Obstacles.


The filming took place at 2861 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039, with G4 working in conjunction with Pilgrim Films & Television. Open Try-Outs were scheduled on both Saturday, August 29th and Sunday, August 30th, from 7 AM to 6 PM. Although the days are being used as Open Try-outs, participants have submitted entry videos through G4 to Pilgrim Films, and certain entrants have been called to schedule a specific Try-Outs for one of the two days.

Out of all the competitors that competed on the first two days on the first six obstacles, only those with the top 30 times would move onto the semi-finals. From there, the top 30 would run the full obstacle course with the top 15 moving onto the finals. The finals consisted of two training challenges. For the first,known as the Bungee Cinderstack, competitors had to haul ten cinder blocks across a 50 foot gap while being strapped to a bungee cord. For the second, competitors had to run an obstacle course consisting of an army crawl(Cargo Crawl), a balance beam while carrying a heavy barrel(Double Gallon Log), and running through tires(Twelve Tires). The top ten combined times were flown to SASUKE 23.



1. Rokudantobi

Rope Swing

Rolling Barrel

Spider Jump

Pipe Slider

Warped Wall

Semi Final ObstaclesEdit

Tarzan Swing

Jumping Bars

Cargo Climb


ANW Qualifying Round ResultsEdit

Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
P.J. Hradilek (28) Personal Trainer Failed Quintuple Steps
Chi-Yoon Chung (38) Film Editor Failed Quintuple Steps
Shawn Carper (31) Forklift Driver Failed Rope Swing First to beat the Quintuple Steps
Luvelle Mendoza (22) Saleswomen Failed Quintuple Steps
Ginnie Phong (29) Designer Failed Rope Swing
Peter Austin (23) Developer Failed Rope Swing He forgot to grasp the rope, and fell at the beginning platform.
David Moss ("Green Man") (25) Editor Failed Rope Swing
Trish Knopp (31) Trainer Failed Rope Swing
Ryoga Vee (29) Entertainer Failed Rope Swing His toe touched the water.
Dylan Wight (31) Clerk Failed Rope Swing His feet touched the water.
Jim Ounniyom (25) Film Maker Failed Spider Jump First to beat the Rope Swing and Rolling Barrel.
Jeff Torres (24) Actor Failed Spider Jump
Brett Sims (23) Two-time Mt. Midoriyama Veteran/Construction Worker Failed Pipe Slider First to beat the Spider Jump
Daniel "Bones" Devane (29) Technician Clear (1:52.00 seconds) First to beat the Pipe Slider and Warped Wall. First to beat the Qualifying Course.
Xin Wuku (28) Freerunner/American Gladiator Clear (1:24.73 seconds)
Jason Miller (28) MMA Fighter Clear (2:55.11 seconds)
Kevin Zeeff (24) Prop Master Failed Pipe Slider
Lisanna Haskins (26) Coach Failed Pipe Slider
Ryan Stratis (26) Military Soldier Clear (1:13.98 seconds)
Brian Kretsch (26) Salesman Clear (1:00.00 seconds)
Matt Asanuma (22) Student Clear (59.12 seconds)
Chris Christensen (23) Student Failed Spider Jump
Rick Huelga (37) Designer Clear (58.17 seconds)
Shane Daniels (23) Controller Clear (51.52 seconds)
Geoff Iida (36) Deputy District Attorney Clear (46.39 seconds)
Ruselis "Blackie Chan" Perry (32) Martial Artist Clear (47.99 seconds)
Sean Morris (21) Limo Driver Clear (45.38 seconds)
Gabe Nunez (26) Stuntman Clear (45.66 seconds)
Brian Orosco (26) Freerunner Clear (44.12 seconds)
San Thach (27) Comedian Failed Warped Wall
Joop Katana (28) Programmer Clear (59.07 seconds)
David Campbell (32) Musician Clear (35.00 seconds)
Travis Furlanic (24) David Campbell's Nephew Clear (43.56 seconds)
Chris Delfin (25) Contractor Clear (37.19 seconds)
Ryan Cousins (23) Graphic Artist Clear (37.84 seconds)
Luci Romberg (28) Stuntwoman Failed Pipe Slider
Rich King (29) Stuntman Clear (35.80 seconds)
Caine Sinclair (23) Freerunner Clear (39.00 seconds)
Paul Darnell (27) Stuntman/Freerunner Clear (35.79 seconds)
Mashashi Oguchi (30) Salesman Failed Rope Swing
William Spencer (26) Stuntman Clear (33.00 seconds) Fastest Qualifying Time in history
Levi Meeuwenberg (23) Freerunner Clear (38.22 seconds)
Dustin Sims Brother of Brett Sims Failed Jumping Spider All Cut. Intentionally front-flipped off of the trampoline into the water.

Semi-Final ResultsEdit

Name (Age) Qualifying Placing Result Notes
Brian Kretsch (26) 30th in Qualifying Failed Pipe Slider
Matt Asanuma (22) 29th in Qualifying Failed Jumping Bars First to beat the Tarzan Swing.
Tra Trung (21) 28th in Qualifying Clear (2:09.66 seconds) First to beat the Jumping Bars and Cargo Climb. First to beat the Semi-Finals Course.
Gabriel Cortes (24) 27th in Qualifying Clear (1:59.43 seconds)
Jake Smith (31) 26th in Qualifying Clear (1:58.19 seconds)
Sam Reynolds (34) 25th in Qualifying Clear (1:55.55 seconds)
Joop Katana (28) 24th in Qualifying Clear (1:49.00 seconds)
Gabe Nunez (26) 23rd in Qualifying Clear (1:50.97 seconds)
Elias Worsencroft (29) 22nd in Qualifying Clear (2:34.13 seconds)
Geoff Iida (36) 21st in Qualifying Clear (1:48.17 seconds)
Rick Huelga (37) 20th in Qualifying Clear (1:41.35 seconds)
Andrew Karsen (29) 19th in Qualifying Clear (1:41.28 seconds)
Ruselis "Blackie Chan" Perry (32) 18th in Qualifying Failed Jumping Bars
Andrew Taber (21) 17th in Qualifying Failed Jumping Bars
Shane Daniels (23) 16th in Qualifying Clear (1:39.24 seconds)
Sean Morris (21) 15th in Qualifying Clear (1:32.77 seconds)
David Gruner (33) 14th in Qualifying Failed Pipe Slider
Brian Orosco (26) 13th in Qualifying Clear (1:45.91 seconds)
Travis Furlanic (24) 12th in Qualifying Clear (1:32.78 seconds)
Matt Marshall (25) 11th in Qualifying Clear (1:53.39 seconds)
Jason Khazi (25) 10th in Qualifying Failed Tarzan Swing
Dorian Cedars (34) 9th in Qualifying Failed Warped Wall
Caine Sinclair (23) 8th in Qualifying Clear (1:41.11 seconds)
Levi Meeuwenberg (23) 7th in Qualifying Clear (1:28.77 seconds)
Ryan Cousins (23) 6th in Qualifying Clear (1:36.48 seconds)
Chris Delfin (25) 5th in Qualifying Failed Tarzan Swing
Rich King (29) 4th in Qualifying Clear (1:35.26 seconds)
Paul Darnell (27) 3rd in Qualifying Clear (1:34.86 seconds)
David Campbell (32) 2nd in Qualifying Clear (1:30.70 seconds)
William Spencer (26) Fastest Man from Qualifying Clear (1:23.15 seconds)

Finals ResultsEdit

Name (Age) Placing Notes
Brian Orosco (26) 1st 1:53
Levi Meeuwenberg (23) 2nd 1:54
Travis Furlanic (24) 3rd 1:58
Paul Darnell (27) 4th 2:03
Richard King (29) 5th 2:07
Caine Sinclair (23) 6th 2:14
Shane Daniels (23) 7th 2:17
Geoff Iida (36) 8th 2:18
Joop Katana (28) 9th 2:28
Rick Huelga (37) 10th 2:29
Andrew Karsen (29) 11th 2:33
Ryan Cousins (23) 12th 2:34
David Campbell (32) 13th 2:39
Sean Morris (21) 14th 2:40
William Spencer (26) 15th William was disqualified due to heat exhaustion and was taken to the nearest hospital.

Competition ResultsEdit

ANW Qualifier # in Tournament Name Result
1 73 Brian Orosco (26) Failed Unstable Bridge (Stage 2)
2 95 Levi Meeuwenberg (23) Failed Shin Cliffhanger (Stage 3)
3 44 Travis Furlanic (24) Failed Jumping Spider (Stage 1)
4 43 Paul Darnell (27) Failed Half Pipe Attack (Stage 1)
5 42 Rich King (29) Failed Unstable Bridge (Stage 2)
6 41 Caine Sinclair (23) Failed Final Climb (Stage 1)
7 Shane Daniels (23) Failed Final Climb (Stage 1)
8 Geoff Iida (36) Failed Warped Wall (Stage 1)
9 Joop Katana (28) Failed Slider Jump (Stage 1)
10 Rick Huelga (37) Failed Slider Jump (Stage 1)

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