Alexio Gomes is a motivational speaker and college student who has competed in three seasons of American Ninja Warrior. Gomes is perhaps known for being part of the "Brazi Bros", a duo consisting of him and his brother, Lucas Gomes, which both have originated from Brazil.

Alexio first competed in Orlando in American Ninja Warrior 7 where he finished the qualifying course, placing 22nd. His brother, Lucas, however, was disqualified on the Paddle Boards. With him as the only Brazi Bro, he was one of the many competitors that failed Cannonball Alley. He was almost cut off from the top 15, but he placed 15th and just barely managed to move onto the National finals. On Stage 1 his run was digested but he had failed the fifth obstacle, Sonic Curve.

Alexio returned to compete in Atlanta in American Ninja Warrior 8. his run in qualifying was digested but he completed the course placing 24th, with his brother this time joining him. In the city finals his run was also digested but he failed the Floating Monkey Bars. Alexio placed 13th and made his second trip to Vegas. his run on stage 1 was also digested but he failed the Giant Log Grip.

Alexio competed in Daytona Beach in American Ninja Warrior 9. His run in qualifying was digested but he finished the course placing 15th, once again completing it with his brother. In the city finals, Alexio once again made it to the eighth obstacle for the third time in a row, before faceplanting onto the second Giant Cube and falling. However, for once, his pace didn't keep him in the top 15. Alexio's result was the exact opposite of his brother, Lucas, who moved at a faster pace guaranteeing his spot in Vegas. He placed 17th overall.

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