Adachi Yūta (安達 雄太) is a teacher at a school for mentally handicapped children. He competed in the SASUKE 17 Trials, placing second. In the tournament, he was one of eleven people to clear stage one, doing so with 2.3 seconds remaining. In Stage Two, he was the first that day to clear, this time leaving 6.7 seconds on the clock. In Stage Three, though he cleared the Arm Rings easily, his hands were sweaty immediately after starting second obstacle, the Body Prop, and fell there after a long struggle.

He has competed in SASUKE 21 but his run was all cut.


  • According to the official SASUKE 21 competitor list, SASUKE 21 was Adachi's third tournament. Therefore, one of his attempts is all cut.
SASUKE # Result Notes
17 67 Failed Body Prop (Third Stage)
21 69 Failed ?? (First Stage) All Cut

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