Abel Gonzalez is a personal trainer and public speaker from Edinburg, Texas who built Ground Zero Gym in his backyard and open to the public, operated by Nathan Jasso and himself. In a short time he has become one of the most beloved competitors due to his mission to make South Texas healthier and his motto "#WeAreAllAbel".

In American Ninja Warrior 6 he competed as a walk on and impressed everyone with his great rookie season, completing both the Qualifying and Finals round in Dallas Texas. In Vegas, he completed Stage 1 and was the only walk-on to make it to Stage 2 where he unfortunately fell on the transition on the Double Salmon Ladder. He returned in American Ninja Warrior 7 where he performed great in qualifying, but he fell on the Walking Bar like so many that day. However, he still made it to Las Vegas where he was able to complete Stage 1 again as well as get his revenge on the Double Salmon Ladder and became one of the eight to complete Stage 2. On Stage 3 he was the first to complete Psycho Chainsaw as well as the Doorknob Grasper and Floating Boards, but unfortunately he fell on the modified Ultimate Cliffhanger when he couldn't reach the raised fourth ledge.

In American Ninja Warrior 8 he competed this time in the Philadelphia region. His run was fast-forward, but he shocked everyone when he touched the middle axis of the Paddle Boards and was disqualified.

He returned in American Ninja Warrior 9 where he completed the qualifying course in San Antonio, placing 13th, he moved on to the city finals. While at the finals he failed the Hourglass Drop and placed 12th moving on to Vegas. In Vegas Able cleared Stage 1 for the third year with 17.40 seconds left. On Stage 2 he failed on Wingnut Alley ending his run.

ANW # Result Note
6 Failed Double Salmon Ladder (Second Stage)
7 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Third Stage)
9 Failed Wingnut Alley (Second Stage)

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